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  Doppler Weather Radar

Doppler Weather Radar
SLT brings the latest in Doppler Weather Radar technology to Singapore,Malaysia South Korea, Using the latest in Solid State Radar technology, these Radars unlike other Weather Radars do not use out of date Magnetron tube technology, which is expensive to own and maintain. Offering high accuracy and long measurement ranges, SLT Weather Radars are extremely sensitive, with a comprehensive weather products and graphics package.Utilizing the Doppler effect to measure the relative velocity, Doppler Weather Radars (DWRs) play prime importance in wide range of defence and civilian weather monitoring applications.Incorporating such unique features as Ground Clutter Suppression and long range precipitation detection, the SLT DWR is designed for professional and operational Weather monitoring applications. The DWRs come packed with sophisticated Software Meteorological products including RHI, VAD, VVP, 3D Weather Visualization, Storm Path Analyzer, and Time of Arrival Calculator. The SLT Doppler Weather Radars can be used as a stand-alone system or networked in multi radar regional or national networks to detect, display and distribute weather radar data and derived products.
SLT also delivers the following variants of Doppler Weather Radars:
a) S Band Klystron based high power Radars with high gain Antenna Dish fixed installations. It can also measure precipitation intensity and incorporate capabilities to detect and process stage II and III precipitation.
b) SLT's Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) is custom designed and built to detect wind shear and microburst associated with convective storms to enhance the safety of aircrafts landing and taking off from airports both civilian and military. The TDWR is designed to operate in a high clutter environment to eliminate the influence of such moving targets as birds, aircraft and automobiles.
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