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Radiation Harden Solution
Since 2011, SLT is engaged to design and development standalone embedded module for Sensor Network with Radiation Harden specification for the purpose of deployment and application into heavy industries environment, such as Oil Mining Industries, Satellite Subsystem Application, Underwater Data Acquisition, etc.
The design process for SLT on Radiation Harden solution are based on it fundamental application where extending from it commercial or industrial design experiences. And most of the radiation-hardened chips are based on their commercial equivalents, with some manufacturing and design variations that reduce the susceptibility to interference from electromagnetic radiation. Hence, the direct conversion of the solution from commercial application to Radiation Harden usage is potential, except enhancing of processing power of the "signal and data" acquisition process via Radiation Harden embedded DSP processor. In general, due to the extensive development and testing required to produce a radiation-tolerant design of a microelectronic chip, radiation-hardened chips tend to lag behind the cutting-edge of developments.
Some Examle of Industries where uses Radiation Harden Solutions:
Underwater Reserach Sensor Solutions, Mine Gearing,
 Satellite Subsystem 
Rig Engineering - Offshore Oil Rig Machine Sub-System
Block Diagram of elements of a basic Satellite link showing ground stations and the satellite transponder.
Explores the Radiation hardened Electronics Technology  Reduces the chances of machine malfunctioning
 Example of Raditional Harden Module:
         Application of Radiation Tolerant Voltage Controlled Surface Acoustic Wave Oscillators


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